Are You Making These Recycling Mistakes?

Have you been regularly participating in the eco-friendly programs in your community? You might be feeling pleased with yourself, but you need to make sure that you’re actually getting the most out of reusable materials. That’s right; there are rules to follow when you’re going green. It’s not enough to use miniature wheelie bins with the best of intentions. See that you’re not making any of the following mistakes too:

miniature wheelie bins

Not emptying containers

When you leave sauces and liquids inside jars and bottles, the chances are that they will seep into cardboard and paper thereby contaminating them. If you really want to do your bit for the environment, you should make the effort to clean out containers before you toss them into recycling bins for childcare or whichever industry.

Lining bins with bags

Take note that all kinds of plastic bags are not recyclable. When you put your rubbish in a black garbage bag, it’s likely that they won’t be opened at sorting centres for safety reasons. It would be better if you just skipped the bag, to begin with.

Not removing tape

As tempting as it might be to throw your envelopes and cardboard boxes into the recycling bin for paper, you’ll only be doing more harm than good. Packaging tape and the like cannot be reused so remove these first. The windows or flaps in envelopes should be removed and tossed with the general waste as well.

Throwing small items

The general rule is that anything that is smaller than a sticky note cannot be recycled. Due to its diminutive size, it’s likely that it won’t get sorted properly. It may only end up contaminating other materials in the waste management centre. Sure, it might fit perfectly into your miniature wheelie bins but you have to think of beyond when you’re disposing of it.

Removing the labels

A common misconception is that labels on tin cans and glass jars need to be removed since they’re made of paper and glue. The thing is that you can keep them adhered to the container without running into trouble at the sorting facility.

Recycling wrong items

You’d be surprised at the number of things that you actually cannot reuse. Apart from the super tiny stuff mentioned above, you also cannot recycle straws, coffee cups, kitchen rolls, soap dispenser tops, shiny wrapping paper, rice packets, pizza boxes, and empty aerosols. Oh, and you shouldn’t place the stuff from the shredder into paper recycling bins for offices either.

Dumping old clothes

This actually falls under the above point but deserves to be expounded. While certain fabrics may be organic per se, they still shouldn’t go into the recycling bin. If you really want to clear out your closet of items you no longer use, you’d be better off donating them to the less fortunate. For stuff that is in really bad shape, do some research on textile collections in your area.

Using miniature wheelie bins and trash cans are actually more complicated than you think. But if you keep the above points in mind, your recycling efforts shouldn’t be in vain.

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The Essence of Hospice Care

A hospice facility offers a program of care for patients and their families going through a life-limiting disease. Care and support for people in the last phases of a terminal illness enables a patient to live fully and comfortably. True care Hospice recognizes that a dying procedure is a component of the normal activity of living and concentrates on improving the standard of the remaining life. It exist in the belief and hope that correct care as well as the enhancement of a caring community that is thoughtful of the needs of terminally ill patients and their families, will achieve a level of satisfaction in planning for death. Palliative care for all patients and their families regardless of their sexual orientation, diagnosis, disability, age, gender, nationality, creed, and the race is offered at True Care Hospice.

Why Choose a Hospice?

True Care hospiceIn a situation where a patient’s illness has come to a point where it is not curable, the medical regime of therapy changes from curative care to palliative or comfort care. In comfort care, the patient may continue with a range of treatments for symptoms such as blood transfusions, radiation, chemotherapy, and paracentesis. This kind of treatment is considered as medical comfort measures to relieve the pain and attain comfort care. A hospice benefits program is created to prevent prolonged suffering from inefficient medical attempts to overcome death. At, you will find a culture of accepting the inevitable and concentrating on ways to ease the pathway from one phase of life to another.

How Can a Patient be Accepted in a Hospice?

Diseases that qualify as terminal illnesses are specified by guidelines published by Medicare. For a patient to be accepted in Medicare Hospice coverage, the diagnosis needs to be certified by two medical physicians:

  • Patient’s primary care Attending Physician
  • The hospice medical director

The two medical doctors confirm that the prospective patient qualify under the non-specific group categorized as ‘failure to thrive’ or has one or more terminal illnesses. Illnesses that are termed as terminal include:

  • Stage IV Congestive Heart Failure
  • Irreversible Respiratory Failure
  • Anoxic Encephalopathy
  • Sepsis
  • Uremia that is not compliant to dialysis
  • Metastatic Cancer
  • Irreparable Organ Failure
  • Cirrhosis of the Liver

The Professional Team

True care hospice consists of a team of interdisciplinary professionals who cater for the needs of the patients and their families. The team is made up of:

  • Continuing Quality Improvement Manager
  • Bereavement Coordinator
  • MD Medical Director
  • Patient Care Manager
  • Admissions Coordinator
  • Home Health Aid
  • Chaplain for Spiritual Care
  • RN Case Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Primary Care Giver
  • Medical Social Worker

The composition and function of the interdisciplinary team is defined by the Medicare hospice regulations. Likewise, Medicare hospice laws describe the core services that are offered by hospice employees. The patient and family create a close relationship with the interdisciplinary team. The relationship is controlled by professional boundaries that permit open communication and help to give a complete method to hospice care. For more information about True Care Hospice solutions, please visit

Get the Best Teaching to Become a Perfect Trainer

Health and fitness is a field that many people practice every day for a better living. Almost everywhere in the world, people are advised to exercise and eat healthy so that they alleviate themselves from preventable diseases. But as health professionals advise clients to improve their health and fitness, many people do not know what they are exactly required to do. There are very few personal trainers which can help people exercise as required for them to achieve the intended health goals. The personal training course is offered to people who want to become health and fitness trainers so that they teach people how to exercise and become fit.

Components of the Training Course

It is a short course, and it is normally offered for six weeks for those who would like to have a diploma first before they proceed to further career heights. Every session is taught well so that they are able to handle the different kinds of people in the society who may need to have health and fitness exercises. The personal training course would require that the student applies what is taught in class to the real field to achieve the health targets of people.

This course includes sales and business skills. This is for those who would be promoting certain brands in the streets through various activities. The student is also going to be taught how to handle emergencies through first aid training and ensuring that all first aid techniques are on the fingertips. It is very different to handle a single person, a group, young or old people, as a trainer. But through a Personal training course, one would be able to handle all kinds of people and train them effectively to achieve desired results. It is a broad course, and learners need to sharpen their skills and be critical thinkers for them to become reliable people in the society.

Which School to Select

Remember this is a practical course that requires a person to have maximum field exposure to master the skills. This requires the school to have all the training facilities like the field and the people to practice with. Experienced teachers who have a broad knowledge should be available to ensure that all skills taught are proven to be result oriented when applied to the real field. Classes and tutorials should be held to enhance students’ understanding and make them excellent professionals.

At some point, the professional may be required to make prescriptions to have the desired health status achieved quickly. This needs thorough training to avoid overdose and underdose so that client gets well without any complications. Choose the school that has a perfect reputation and has yielded many professionals. It is only through experience that makes these people offer excellent training to yield reliable professionals. It could be Yoga, gym and weight lifting, weight gain needs, weight loss needs and fat reduction around the belly, the trainer must be aware of all these and should be able to prescribe the best exercise to achieve the intended target.

Professionalism in the Medical Field: Customer Service and Patient Satisfaction

It can’t be argued that the accessibility to health care isn’t that much of a problem for most Australians, especially the aged population. However, despite its prevalence of accessibility, customer service and patient satisfaction are areas that still have vacant rooms for improvement. Although the Queensland government, for example, has a body that caters to patients’ complaints on health services, still medical centres from time to time must recap their customer services and aim always for patient satisfaction.

When talking about customer service, is it just about making the patient well?

Customer service in medical centres is often understated, as it is often forgotten that patients ARE customers, and medical centres are the service providers. Going from that, good customer service in the medical field is imperative in the sense of communication and making sure that the patient gets a streamlined process of treatment. Wrapping it up, it’s safe to say that good customer service in the medical field is not always defined if the patient got well from their ailment; it’s how the patient was treated from the moment they contacted a health care provider.

Just how crucial is customer service in the health care provision?

Customer service is the foundation of professionalism in health care provision. It begins with how the patients are understood and never judged even during primary enquiries done by the nurses or receptionists in the front desk of a medical centre.

For example, in a centre for womens health Brisbane has today, all health care providers, including those who are in the reception area, must be attentive and consider that not all women can voice out their conditions due to embarrassment. The same treatment must apply to a clinic for mens health Brisbane has and any other type of medical centre or clinic. Click here SmartClinics

Generally, customer service lies in the ability of the health care providers to make their struggle at least bearable and their stress reduced through professional treatment.

Specific areas that medical centres can work on to aim for patient satisfaction:

1. Scheduling of appointment. Whether this is done by phone or online, this is an essential factor in health administration. An extra thought given to the patients’ schedule demonstrates a profound concern for them and their health. Laboratory analysis results also must dependably be discharged on time, as pointless postponements may make them feel uneasy and stressed.

2. Great administration arrangement. A patient may be required to experience a few appointments and checks before definite treatment is finished. How the system is overseen until the point that issuing of prescription affects the patients’ recovery. Productivity is essential and deferred administration might worsen the condition of the patients due to inefficiency.

3, Communication, despite being broad, is an essential but a tough skill to harness especially in a stressful environment like medical centres. Nonetheless, it is imperative for the health care providers to practice their communication skills. Good communication is honest, clear, informative, but not brutal. It is essential for patients to be handled with care as dealing with an illness is already a struggle to deal with.

4. Also, incorporating teamwork in the association goes far in improving effectiveness. Neighbourliness and regard for patients needs decrease the emotional weigh on the patient and makes a friendly environment.

Today, it is crucial for medical centres to not only invest in the latest medical technologies but also in their customer service. If you’re looking for medicals Brisbane has today, make sure to consult with a medical centre who’s not only known for treating diseases expertly, but also for stellar customer service. See more at

Different Types of Aged Care Services from Senior Healthcare Providers

You might have been thinking a lot lately about moving your ageing parent into a home care facility. It is understandable why you have qualms about doing this, but you are not actually alone with such trepidation. In fact, there are over 200,000 older Australians who were moved into aged care providers in the between the years 2014 and 2015. This means that many families have made the same decision as you are now.

aged care providers

aged care providers

Understanding how and when you are going to make the next step can be overwhelming. Probably, you have your elderly loved ones staying at your own home, yet see that their needs are changing vastly. When such times come and you no longer meet their needs such as safety and health care, then maybe that’s the time when you have to explore options in finding age care facilities. For more information click here Aarcare

It may not be easy at first, but finding a suitable home will be less of a problem if you know what your loved one needs. Whether it is dementia, palliative, or respite, here are a couple of difference to distinguish one from the other.


There are basically two types of aged care providers in a residential setting: respite and residential. When speaking of the latter, this is when care provision is ongoing and permanent. Meanwhile, the former is designed to literally provide a short-term break for both care worker and older clients.

Respite is an option if there will be a disruption of the usual Care at Home setting or simply an opportunity to help the elderly recover from a previous hospital admission. Oftentimes, this may become an initial step to permanent care.


However, people who are living with dementia will have to be at an age care home that can help sustain their life through assistance from in-home support workers. Since this disease is degenerative, there will come a time when a 24-hour watch is needed for the patient’s well-being and protection.

These highly-trained carers are focused on improving the quality of life by offering sufferers specific activities to stay engaged, focusing rather on the person first then the illness afterwards. When finding a home that caters for a particular dementia level, you may speak with an age care Arcare advisor for guidance.


More challenging is knowing that your loved one may not recover from a particular health problem. Which is why aged care providers specialising in palliative or end-of-life care are here to provide help with administering round-the-clock health management during such sensitive times.

Specially trained with handling situations regarding palliative care, support workers offer not only physical help, but also psychological, spiritual, and social support to both patient and the respective family. A good care facility will help uplift your spirits during such trying times.


By knowing what your loved one needs, you are now taking the first step to finding a home care facility. Look for one that communicates, empathises, and understands the human dignity of a person. By putting the individual first and foremost, a good home care is one that is consistent all through the years. With 40 years of senior care, Arcare Aged Care is a testament to giving quality support and care for thousands of families across Australia.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint in the Home with the Help of Proper Waste Management

With environmental change ending up progressively noticeable on both the political and media platforms, there has never been a better time to begin finding a way to decrease your own particular carbon emission. Numerous associations have propelled green development endeavors because of a similar difficulty. As the homemaker, you also can do certain endeavors in accordance with improving the environment. For instance, you can utilize private and commercial bins for greater purposes.

commercial bins

This article handles the distinctive approaches and some tips to decrease your carbon footprint and will likewise spare you cash while keeping your surroundings clean and green:

  • Sign up for an environmentally friendly power or electricity provider – Green power providers are those that supply power from sustainable sources, for example, wind control and hydroelectric power.
  • Turning down the indoor regulator on your centralized air conditioner by maybe a couple degrees makes a major saving money on CO2 emanations – When electrical appliances are not being used, make sure to try and turn them off. Leaving things on standby or in rest mode still uses a significant measure of electricity which adds to CO2 emanations.
  • Find waste bins for sale or small wheelie bins for sale in your local home depot stores. Next, change them into commercial recycling bins to put in each room of your home to make recycling your home wastes easier for every member of the family.
  • Whenever it is conceivable, try and go for a walk as opposed to traveling via auto – Reducing your driving by only 20 miles for every week can spare around 900 pounds of CO2 discharges over a one-year time frame.
  • If you need to drive to work or drive children to class, attempt to carpool with a work partner or neighbor. This won’t just diminish CO2 discharges, doing this can likewise spare you a ton of cash.
  • Check the tire weight of your auto all the time to guarantee the tires are not going to break. Under-swelled tires decrease efficiency which at that point prompts higher CO2 discharges.
  • When heating up a pot, just fill the pot with as much water as you require.
  • Try to diminish the amount of waste you create and reuse a great part of the waste that you deliver. You can be reminded to recycle your waste by making use of commercial bins situated near your usual trash bins.
  • Make sure you unplug your mobile when charging as soon as it is done. Your phone will continue to use energy until it has been switched off even when the battery is fully charged.
  • Make sure you have a full load before using a washing machine or dishwasher. Wash small loads by hand instead to save electricity.
  • Install thermostats on your radiators so you can turn down the heat in unused rooms.
  • Try to replace old light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs. Never throw these old light bulbs in commercial bins.
  • To prevent heat from escaping through your home’s roof and walls, insulating your house properly will help.
  • Try to buy local produce when doing your grocery shopping.

Birth Control Education for Newly-wed Couples

As newlywed couples, the deepest desire of most is to have kids to enhance the joy of being in marriage. But as you do that, the economy is also not that friendly and since you wouldn’t like your kids to suffer for not getting it all in the future, many families opt for birth control. Birth control is good because it enables couples to have kids when they want them and prevents conception when the need for kids is no more. But before you indulge in any of the birth control methods, find a Ferny Grove medical centre or one in your locality and take advice from a specialist to ensure that you use only the safe and appropriate one.

ferny grove medical centre

If You Have Plans to Get Kids in the Near Future, Use Short Term Methods

Maybe after your first pregnancy, you would like to not have another kid for a year or two. You should then not go for the long term methods like the implants because they are going to prevent pregnancy for more than five years. Even when using the short-term methods, make sure that you withdraw from the method six months early in order to get pregnant.  Many birth control methods, especially the hormonal ones, tend to stay in the body for long after their last shot thereby preventing pregnancy when you need it. This is why almost every Ferny Hills medical centre Patricks Road has recommends that you choose every method of birth control wisely.

Hormonal Methods Can Last Longer than Expected

Methods like injecting the Depo Provera could really mess a couple that wants to get a baby in the near future. This is because, after its three months of active functioning, the drug still remains in the body making the woman not to conceive. Unfortunately, there is no drug to eliminate it quickly because it normally circulates in the muscles. According to Ferny Grove doctors, the hormonal methods could prevent pregnancy for up to 6 months after the last shot. Using things like coil and implants could also affect people the same way like depo but the good thing is that after withdrawal of coil or implants, you easily conceive. The specialists in the Ferny Grove medical centre provide appropriate guidance to all couples before suggesting any method of birth control.

No Protection against Diseases and STIs

Birth control methods are only meant to control pregnancy. If you suspect someone to have an STI, you should use protection or abstain from having sex with such a person. A specialist in a medical centre Ferny Hills based can investigate any disease that a newlywed couple could be having and advise accordingly so that you live happily without infecting one another. Birth control methods are good but when you used them for long, some typical complications could occur, which vary from one person to another and the method of birth control used. To ensure that you don’t get any long-term side effects, make sure that you use the best method as suggested by the medical specialists in any Ferny Grove medical centre. For more information visit ensure that you get the best help.

What You Should Remember When Caring for Your Elderly with Alzheimer’s

Aging does not mean your seniors have to let go of their interest. It is a lot more vital that your senior loved ones find purpose throughout their aging so they will not feel lonely and depressed while they move to a care facility. This is especially true when your loved ones suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. With the very best aged care home and workers that are trained to handle various aged care requirements, your loved ones will rapidly move to the care center and will live a more pleased life. Remember that there are 8 CARE OPTIONS FOR ALZHEIMER’S PATIENTS. Make sure to ask the care facility of their care options before relocating your senior.





Take a look at these 8 CARE OPTIONS FOR ALZHEIMER’S PATIENTS noted below to help them obtain function and satisfaction.
  1. In-Home Care
  2. Family Oriented Alzheimer’s Care
  3. Palliative Care
  4. Assisted Living
  5. Nursing Home
  6. Parent Care
  7. Respite Care
  8. Live-In Care
The above are simply 8 CARE OPTIONS FOR ALZHEIMER’S PATIENTS that you can choose from. You also have to remember that not all senior citizens can participate in group activities that are too complex. If your senior requires detailed nursing care like for Dementia or Alzheimer’s, it is extremely important that they take part in activities that are substantial and supply physical, cognitive, social and sensory advantages. Not only will these activities help them re-learn skills they may have forgotten due to their condition, it will similarly help offer a sense of fulfillment after accomplishing these tasks:
  • Hanging Laundry and Taking Laundry Off the Line. This may resemble a regular job but it considerably helps them maintain their balance. As people grow older, the fluid in their inner ear that is responsible for keeping balance will start to decrease. Hanging out laundry and taking them off will help the senior maintain balance. Hanging out laundry is similarly an excellent method for your elders to take in the sunshine and fresh air. This activity consists of moving the hands, arms, legs, and back that help strengthen their muscles. This will similarly improve their fine and gross motor movements.
  • Bed Making. This standard activity is an exceptional method to help your elders remember the sequence of this particular task. They ought to have mastered this skill after all those mornings they invested correcting the alignment of all the bed spaces in your house. Albeit simple, this activity will help enhance their cognitive capabilities and improve the range of motion in their joints when they fix the bed mattress. This will similarly help them recognize things such as pillows, blanket, duvet, comforter, and so on.
  • Doing the Dishes. An activity as regular and repetitive as cleaning up the dishes can help elders with Alzheimer’s improve their concentration, attention and memory duration. It will similarly promote their senses and help in hand-eye coordination. It will help them establish relationships with other residents in the center along with fostering cooperation and interaction if they do this with another person.
The above are merely a few activities that are appropriate for your senior citizens who are fighting with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Make sure to ask the aged care center for various activities that your senior citizens can enjoy that are appropriate for their level. You can also visit if you are looking for respite care in Ottawa so you can get a short reprieve in caring for your aging loved ones. You don’t have to burn yourself out when providing aged care. There is respite care Aracre offers to help you cope with the task of caring for your elderly with Alzheimer’s. You can also ask recommendations from family and friends to find the best respite care service that you can take advantage of when you need a break. Visit at


What Should a Medical Center Have For Families?

The needs that families have when it comes to health can be very critical. Regardless of the number of children in a family or any pre-existing conditions that anyone in the family has, a qualified medical center can make a real difference in the lives of every family. A great center such as this can ensure that all family members will receive the support they require. This can greatly influence the quality of one’s life regardless of the conditions that someone has.

A Comfortable Experience

A place such as a Windsor medical center will have to be comfortable for everyone. A good family medical center should offer a clean and modern environment. It must be well-lit and peaceful so it won’t be a hassle. Many waiting centers will have toys and other activities for kids as well. There’s always a need to keep a space inviting so people won’t be scared off from going to the doctor. In addition, it helps kids to feel more comfortable about visiting a doctor, a concept that is normally very scary for children to live with.

Services For a Variety of Conditions Are Available

Family health centers tend to offer an extensive variety of doctors for all members of the family. These include not only doctors for adults and children but also doctors who can treat very specific conditions. Some of these doctors are specialized on skin conditions, skeleton health, sports medicine and prenatal care. The treatment options that all people can utilize will certainly be ideal when finding ways to receive the proper medical treatments.

Always Available

Many Brisbane family medical centers are also available for people on an extended basis. The best medical centers understand that emergencies and other serious problems with regard to health can occur anytime. There’s always going to be that need to get help in some way. Fortunately, a medical center can be available with long hours that may go all the way to midnight. This works well provided that the patient gets in touch with the center ahead of time to schedule an appointment for assistance.

Referrals Can Work Too

Many health centers will offer a variety of solutions for patients. These include solutions relating to physical therapies, medications and other special solutions devoted to protecting the body and keeping it healthy.

However, there are oftentimes when a health center may not have the resources needed for a treatment. This is especially the case for surgical procedures. Referrals can be made by the physicians at such a center in the event that there’s a need for the patient to go through more intensive treatments. These referrals are typically made for free and will ensure that patients can see the proper specialists that they require without having to jump through several hoops just to use someone’s services.

Remember that the solutions that a medical center can offer to your family can make a difference. You can contact SmartClinics at for information or to book an appointment at one of the group’s many clinic locations.

Hidden Door Company Team building activities

Team building activities are of great essence to any organization. The purpose of team building varies a lot. Some organizations may do it for rewarding their employees for good performance or a come together among other objectives. In the long run, however, team building can not only bring together the people but also create good relationships that came with great memories that can be shared for a lifetime. To any organizations, the team building plan helps create confidence among the employees thus creating good communication, as well as effective teamwork. That plays a great role in helping an organization achieve its goal and meet targets all thanks to team building activities.

The hidden door company is an organization that has built a name when it comes to team building activities. They have a vital interest and commitment in helping organization achieve their desired outcomes through team building. Problem-solving skills and creativity are of great essence to any organization, the hidden door company; that is situated in Sydney is creating team building activities that have an approach to problem-solving and creative thinking. Such skills have come in handy to help organizations curb barriers that require problem-solving skills and creativity. To be able to assist effectively any organization achieve its intended goals through team building, the hidden door company also creates custom based approaches that will see the desired objective of the client or company achieved.

There are a number of team building activities offered by hidden door company. They include indoor team building and evening events, outdoor team building and group adventures, charity team building and CSR programs, corporate family days, corporate Christmas party events and corporate team challenges among other fantastic team building activities. All these services are offered at very friendly prices. The hidden door company employs the manpower of very well trained and experienced personnel to carry out the team building activities to its clients. That ensures that customers leave satisfied with their services and having achieved their objectives.

Hidden door company team building events come under very flexible time frames. That means the events can range from a period of half a day event, weekend long to a whole week long event. The company can also adjust the event to fit your location of choice for instance even in a corporation’s meeting rooms.

In essence, the need for team building activities cannot be undermined at all cost. These benefits range from building confidence in with your workforce by eliminating their fears, effective and excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, creativity among many other benefits all by the use of team building activities. Thus, benefits that come alongside such activities cannot be ignored at all by any organization. In fact, it is for the well-being of any organization in its intention to achieve its set goals and objectives. The hidden door company is there to assist out any company. Simply visit their website for more information or contact them via their business contacts 1300 390 082 for incredible experiences on the team building activities and many more features they have on offer.

Career Outcomes of Aged Care Courses

Aged care courses give you the skills and knowledge to care for the disabled or elderly in their homes or residential aged care centers. Increasing population of aged people has dramatically increased demand for aged care workers. As you undertake your aged care course, you can be rest assured of an employment opportunity. Many institutions offer flexible learning programs such as online studies. This means you can study at your own pace and at whatever location. What are the career outcomes available after completion of aged care courses? Many people want an answer to this question before starting the course. The following are career outcomes of aged care courses.

Aged care worker

An aged care worker gives physical, emotional and personal support to old people. The aged require assistance with daily activities such as eating, showering, and dressing.  The worker will occasionally assist their clients with social activities such as outings. Aged care workers practice either in residential care facilities or in a client’s home. As an aged care worker, you carry out duties under regular supervision. You must follow organizational guidelines or a well defined care plan when executing your duties. Since you assist your client with very personal matters, you need to be responsible, sensitive, respectful, patient and understanding.

Care team leader

The care team leader plays a very important role in ensuring good standards are maintained within care homes. The role of the care team leader is basically to ensure that standards and systems are followed to the letter when giving care. He offers support and motivation to workers for smooth running of activities within the home. As a care team leader you need to be motivated, enthusiastic and have strong leadership skills.

In-home respite care worker

If working as an in-home respite care worker, your work is to relieve the regular family caregivers so that they can have the opportunity to take a break. Being a caregiver is enjoyable and rewarding but can consume a great deal of your mental and physical energy. As an in-home respite care worker you carry out the duties of the caregiver while they take their rest still within the home. These duties include assisting with activities of daily living, providing companion, entertainment and checking the health condition of the client.

Community support worker

The duties of a community support worker are broader. As a community support worker you will be responsible for the promotion of independence and development of clients participating in the program. You are expected to implement activities and strategies as directed by the program manager. Community support workers monitor all the clients under their program and ensure their overall safety and wellbeing. Occasionally they will perform personal care duties, household care duties and recreational activities duties. You require excellent interpersonal skills as a community support worker. This is because you mostly serve as the mediator between the program manager and support workers. Ability to work independently is a necessity for this job because you might be required to make certain abrupt and critical decisions.

These career outcomes will enable you select an aged care course that is best for you. All the above career outcomes have different academic requirements.