Birth Control Education for Newly-wed Couples

As newlywed couples, the deepest desire of most is to have kids to enhance the joy of being in marriage. But as you do that, the economy is also not that friendly and since you wouldn’t like your kids to suffer for not getting it all in the future, many families opt for birth control. Birth control is good because it enables couples to have kids when they want them and prevents conception when the need for kids is no more. But before you indulge in any of the birth control methods, find a Ferny Grove medical centre or one in your locality and take advice from a specialist to ensure that you use only the safe and appropriate one.

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If You Have Plans to Get Kids in the Near Future, Use Short Term Methods

Maybe after your first pregnancy, you would like to not have another kid for a year or two. You should then not go for the long term methods like the implants because they are going to prevent pregnancy for more than five years. Even when using the short-term methods, make sure that you withdraw from the method six months early in order to get pregnant.  Many birth control methods, especially the hormonal ones, tend to stay in the body for long after their last shot thereby preventing pregnancy when you need it. This is why almost every Ferny Hills medical centre Patricks Road has recommends that you choose every method of birth control wisely.

Hormonal Methods Can Last Longer than Expected

Methods like injecting the Depo Provera could really mess a couple that wants to get a baby in the near future. This is because, after its three months of active functioning, the drug still remains in the body making the woman not to conceive. Unfortunately, there is no drug to eliminate it quickly because it normally circulates in the muscles. According to Ferny Grove doctors, the hormonal methods could prevent pregnancy for up to 6 months after the last shot. Using things like coil and implants could also affect people the same way like depo but the good thing is that after withdrawal of coil or implants, you easily conceive. The specialists in the Ferny Grove medical centre provide appropriate guidance to all couples before suggesting any method of birth control.

No Protection against Diseases and STIs

Birth control methods are only meant to control pregnancy. If you suspect someone to have an STI, you should use protection or abstain from having sex with such a person. A specialist in a medical centre Ferny Hills based can investigate any disease that a newlywed couple could be having and advise accordingly so that you live happily without infecting one another. Birth control methods are good but when you used them for long, some typical complications could occur, which vary from one person to another and the method of birth control used. To ensure that you don’t get any long-term side effects, make sure that you use the best method as suggested by the medical specialists in any Ferny Grove medical centre. For more information visit ensure that you get the best help.