Having a Cataract Surgery? This Information Should Be Helpful

Without treatment, cataract is one reason some individuals experience total blindness. This is particularly true for those over 40 years old. As you can see, this group of people are losing their sight due to this condition. Basically, the condition begins with the clouding of the lens of your eye until you have trouble reading and experience more serious symptoms. That is why optometrists suggest having surgical treatment as soon as possible to retain your vision. With the right solutions, such as cataract surgery at Milan Eye Center, you will be able to address such problem right away.

Cataract Symptoms

In many cases, a cataract is not visible early on. Sometimes, you would feel that you have twenty-twenty vision to realise that you are experiencing such a condition. Wearing glasses and installing brighter lights might help reduce its effects, but it will not be long before you will require surgical treatment.

Not everybody would notice that they are already having a cataract. After all, if you are aged 40 and above, it would be typical for your vision to degenerate. However, even if you believe you have no eye issue whatsoever, you should get yourself familiar with the signs that come with this condition, so you will be able to address it as soon as possible.

  • Blurry Vision – This is the very first indication that you are having eye issues.
  • Double Vision – You will see two images rather of one.
  • High Sensitivity to Light – Your eyes would be very sensitive to sunshine.
  • Bright Colours Appearing Yellow or Faded – When you have cataract, colours would appear dull even during daytime.

Before Surgery

Like when having other types of surgery, a cataract surgery at Milan Eye Center will require you to prepare. Typically, the optometrist will check your eyes weeks prior to the actual procedure. About half a day to the operation, you will be asked not to consume anything, which is a basic prerequisite for most surgeries.

Of course, you will also be required to take medications to help you relax during the treatment. If it is your very first time, it is just normal to be anxious. However, there is no reason to fret. In terms of pain, your surgeon will use drops to numb your eyes. This is done as you will be awake throughout the process.

After Surgery

When the cataract surgery at Milan Eye Center is over, you will be informed about the adverse effects that would normally occur while you are recuperating. Here are some of them:

  • Feeling pressure on your eye
  • Infection or swelling of the eye
  • Fluid coming out from your eye
  • Minor bleeding
  • Drooping eyelid

Also, it would be just normal for your eyes to feel scratchy or ache. Or, they would be highly sensitive to intense light. Nevertheless, these symptoms will be relieved with the recommended eye drop and medication.

To ensure fast recovery, rest your eyes more often. Moreover, you should avoid activities that might put pressure on your eyes, like flexing over or lifting heavy objects. More details at https://www.milaneyecenter.com/cataract-center/